Sobriety and elegance were the key words of the most anticipated wedding of the year 2018, counterbalanced by important jewels. Meghan wears a precious tiara of diamonds, a jewel more important than that worn by Kate at her wedding but which highlights the simplicity of the dress. The very simple and traditional look dampens the element of extraordinary news that Meghan brings with it. The original name of the jewel is Queen Mary’s Lozenge Bandeau. It is a piece of High Art Deco style jewelry forged in 1932 for Princess Mary. Of rare beauty and manufacture, the tiara is completely covered with diamonds, while the central part is made up of a pin dated 1893. A few times it has been shown off by the English Royals: after Queen Mary, by Princess Margareth in 1965. To complete the look of the bride, a pair of Cartier earrings from the Windsor collection and a simple bracelet (also Cartier).In combination with Stella McCartney’s evening gown, she chose Diana’s emerald cut aquamarine ring. The jewel was given by Prince Harry and previously we saw it at the hands of Lady D at the private auction at Christie’s in 1997.

The faiths of Harry and Meghan were made by Cleave and Company, the historical jewelers and medalers of the royal family who had already assembled the engagement ring. It was he himself who created it and designed it, making it in fact unrepeatable. In the ring of the prince nothing has been left to chance: a trilogy ring in yellow gold (in turn prince of noble metals, famous for its brightness, ductility and malleability, particularly loved by Meghan), on which they are set with extraordinary mastery three diamonds, symbol of love past present and future, one of the most traditional engagement rings, but here the choice of gems has even more meaning. This diamond of extraordinary caliber was purchased in Botswana, one of the most important diamond producers, or more poetically under the starry sky of South Africa, where Harry, understood to want to marry Meghan, was inspired to buy the stone and keep it hidden until it became the first diamond of the future pledge of love: “I love you”. The two side diamonds instead belong to a pin of Lady Diana, a reference to the past “I loved you” and one to the future, as Harry explained during the press conference following the announcement of the engagement: a way to hear Lady D. Not even the goldsmith’s work, of course, could be improvised: the precious stones were in fact entrusted to the jewelers of Queen Elizabeth II.

Fonti: Vogue

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