Louis Vuitton and Hermès are two very famous brands in the luxury world for their prestige, but they can not compete with Goyard, a Parisian brand that has existed for 200 years. The name of this Parisian brand born two hundred years ago may not even be known as that of other luxury fashion brands, but Goyard’s elusiveness is precisely what makes it the ultimate status symbol among the richest people in the world. The main communication strategy of Goyard is silence. Give up any advertising, e-commerce and have famous testimonials; rarely gives interviews and even rarely proposes and creates products for the mass market. Mystery calls desire and everyone loves a sense of exclusivity. And what is more exclusive than a brand whose legacy and charm are based on discretion, consolidating its business through the word of mouth of its influential clientele? As written by Sarah Young on The Independent about Goyard’s remoteness from the spotlight: “Who knows, you know. For them, it’s all about attracting the people that matter.” Founded in 1792, the brand opened its first store in 1834 in Paris, on rue Saint-Honoré 233, becoming, on the instigation of Edmond Goyard, a luxury brand that has counted among its clients celebrities all over the world. The coveted fabric with printed symbols and leather travel products have been brought by personalities ranging from the new Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle to actress Gwyneth Paltrow up to the starred chef Alain Ducasse, who has a tailor-made trunk for his own cutlery.These are just the latest examples of a list of historical customers that includes Coco Chanel, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jacques Cartier, Pablo Picasso, Karl Lagerfeld and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who have collected many pieces of Goyard ranging from accessories for pets with customized trunks to hold up to 150 pairs of shoes. The current owner of Goyard, Jean-Michel Signoles, bought a large part of their collection when, in 1997, Sotheby’s auctioned some goods contained within the Parisian house of the dukes. A briefcase and trunk with their initials were sold for almost $ 15,000 (€ 12,821) while another lot, according to Town & Country, was sold for $ 32,500 (€ 27,780). Nothing compared to one of the 19th century trunks that, according to Business of Fashion, was sold for 59,315 $ (€50,700).Every order is the result of a “close creative collaboration between the customer and Goyard” and the margins are endless, the Maison Goyard told Town & Country. The brand is so elusive that even the company itself does not keep track of historical special orders.

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