Qatar Amiri Flight, an airline owned and managed by the Government of Qatar, has sold one of its two Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) B-747-8i aircraft. Today this aircraft is known as the largest private plane in the world. It is the largest and most expensive private jet in the world used by the Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani family with its entourage.

Interior furnishings adapted to the tastes and needs of a Sheikh, with 12 seats in First Class, 18 in Business Class and 31 in the tourist area, plus 18 crew members.The aircraft is on two floors and it has various cabins, lounges, meeting rooms, first-class seating areas and even a fully equipped medical area. The interior is worthy of an Arab king. Super-luxurious environments. A dining room for 14 guests with blue armchairs, crystal chandeliers, wooden interiors and fine materials.The plane has accumulated only 436 flight hours, and 200 cycles and has strangely a less ostentatious appearance, while maintaining interior furnishings and finishes like a royal palace. To sell it is a company based in Switzerland, the Amac aerospace. The cost of the private superjumbo has not been made public, but the list price of a new aircraft of this model is about 370 million dollars.

Fonti: Aviation Report

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